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"Everything on the pontoon worked well.  The pontoon boat was easy to maneuver and control.  The twin electric motors provided plenty of power.  The cutout deck area near the front of the pontoons was perfect for lifting and recovering the heavy parts.  I felt the pontoon work boat earned its keep on this very first launch".

"Thanks for a very useful product".


J. T. Rethke, Associate Engineer, Pebble Beach Community Services District   


This Lowe Pontoon Boat had "U" shaped pontoons. The customer used our pontoons to replace the old pontoons.
The customers comments are under the next picture.


“We were very pleased with the results that your 24” pontoons gave to our 1990 Lowe boat. Now we are sitting about 10 inches above where we were before.
The pontoons have given us the look and flotation that we wanted for our boat. Thanks for your interest and delivery”.

14' Pontoon Boat for a small lake in Kentucky

Thank you for assembling the kit and bringing the boat to us on your trailer. It was very helpful to use your trailer to launch it. It was indeed quite an experience, but we all seem to enjoy it and are probably proud of being able to accomplish the launching. (down a flight of 16 concrete steps). My wife likes the boat very much. We will start to use it more, and entertain some guests. We will let you know how it goes. It is a pleasure to have met you. Hope that you will have booming business.

Dr. Kuo

24'x8' with (3) 27" pontoons - Fuel Barge

The boat is working out very well. We had to get a an extention for our 50HP Mercury motor because the boat is so boyant. After we refuel the dredge and off load the 350 gallons of diesel fuel, we couldn't keep the prop in the water.

Nebraska Public Power District

20'x12' Swim Platform

Hi Jeff
"Our new 12x20 ‘ dock is now in place and is a great attraction for the other lake property owners.
It is larger than we expected. We put @10 kids on it and there were no signs of the weight on the pontoons".

Steve McGrath
Spofford Lake Recreation Center

Hi Jeff,
"After dealing with the repairs to two fiberglass Sunfish, working with clean parts that fit is a nice change. It is a lot easier to assemble this boat."

Mark Stevens

"I write to thank you, most sincerely, for your hard work on the pontoon boat, which at this point remains nameless but the subject of a contest of sorts among our friends. Since the boat is on Beaver Lake the name needs to
incorporate the word "Beaver" in some form or fashion.

The boat is one of a real handfull of experiences in my life that have truly exceeded my expectations. We took it out with weekend guests both on Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon; and it was wonderful".

David Ratterman

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That is a might fine looking custom duck boat on your web page. I could not be happier with the results. I really appreciate your patience in getting to the goal line with what I wanted. Dave Herd the fella that picked up the boat for me has just rave reviews about the quality of the
workmanship of the boat. He is a pretty good iron man in his own right and perfectionist to that statement coming from him is meaningful.

Fred Chaney, Dallas Texas

still owe you a digital of the boat with camo. The ones taken last year
are not worthy of such a fine boat.

Last year you built a new railing for our small house boat, everything fit great and it is perfect. I think I told you later that I am going to change it a little more and will need a couple new panels, probably next spring. Today I want to tell you that you can add another plus to your advertising for your railing, it is bear proof. We are on Lake Granby in Colorado, we have been tied up and staying up the Colorado arm of the lake where the Colorado river dumps into the lake it is pretty remote. This morning we were woke up with the thump thump sound of a bear landing on the front deck after climbing over the rail. After flying out of bed and yelling at him he jumped on and pushed off the rail as he left. Not a scratch on the rail and it never moved. Maybe the next one might be a little taller to slow them  down.


Steve and Sheron Jarrad

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