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Thess are our extruded HAT CHANNEL cross members.  We add extra cross members at the transom and at the front of the deck.

The standard cross member spacing is 24" on center. You can upgrade to 16", or 12" on center if needed for your application.


Always ask and know what you are getting for your money! 


The pontoon risers are full length on the inside and the outside of each pontoon. They are flanged to the outside, this makes it easy for retro-fitting pontoons on boats that need new pontoons or for third pontoons. The spacing of the cross-members is not an issue with the full length risers.


The risers are gusseted at the rear of the pontoon to stiffen the riser where the load from the motor and the stress from turning is the strongest. Most pontoon companies pay no attention to this area and leave it open. Cracks develop in the pontoon skin and the riser due to flexing. On our pontoons we have eliminated that problem.


The connection of the cross-member uses (4) bolts instead of (2) bolts like are used with "Z" bar connections. This increases the strength of the frame and reduces the amount of flex.
The riser is tucked under where it attaches to the pontoon skin so that there are no sharp edges against the pontoon skin and it also gives a wider area for attachment to the skin of the pontoon.
Our motor mounts are built so that they are self bailing and do not hold water.  This does not reduce the amount of bouyancy that the pontoon has to support the weight of the engine. 


The outside of each pontoon has a bumper welded to it to protect the pontoon from dents from a dock or piling. This helps to keep the pontoons looking like new for years to come.
In addition to the side bumper there is a full length keel and the cone section has a heavy round bar welded into the seam of the cone. This adds strength and protection.
Thes pontoons replaced "U" shaped pontoons that were leaking and riding low in the water.


The full bulkheads every five feet add so much to the strength of the pontoon that they will support just about anything.

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