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Sneak up on fish with one of our "Stealth Electric" pontoon boats with a Torqeedo motor.


"Sealth" boats can have both the "Stealth Electric" with a Torqeedo, and an outboard motor.


All of the "Stealth Electric" boats are built to the meet our customers needs. We don't force you to take anything that you do not want. That is what we do!!!


We are using Torqeedo electric motors

for our Stealth Boats.

This one has the optional Atlas Tilt Unit.


Shown is the stern of a Stealth pontoon boat with optional mount for a Torqeedo 4.0 RL and a 50HP Mercury Big Foot


Our railing systems have "Di-Bond" walls with anodized rails.  This allows for any vinyl graphics.  The surface is flat and durable.  The panels are 1/8" thick with aluminum on both sides and polyethylene in the center.  This much stronger than the thin aluminum panels on other boats. 


This is a 14' x 6' Electric Boat.  This Boat can have either Torqeedo Electric or gas outboard to 20HP.  This model has 19" pontoons but comes with all of our other standard features that put our boats in a class by themselves.  


This is a new boat that has been wraped.  This allows ffor different base colors.  This boat has a dark brown to tan fade from the bottom of the railing wall to the top.

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