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Center Pontoons with motor mount


This pontoon has been recessed so that when the boat is anchored and people are jumping into the water, the risk of getting hurt on the center pontoon is eliminated.

Our Center Pontoons are built to fit YOUR boat.
The diameter and the riser height are used to closely match you current pontoons. 
The motor mount design that we use is self bailing and is sealed so that none of the pontoons buoyancy is lost do to the motor mount.
In addition the height of the transom compensates for the added buoyancy. 
Call us and let us build a center pontoon for your boat.
(937) 323-2770


Shown here is a 150HP Verado mounted on our motor mount with a liquid tie bar for a dual engine application.



Options are available such as steps (if not a motor mount pontoon), lifting strakes, fuel tanks, and in deck storage.  


Below is our newly designed intigrated pontoon motor mounts for 25" and 30" 

25" Motor Mount

Side View of 25" motor Mount

30" Motor Mount