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This is a 20' work boat with davit for lifting heavy components from the Pebble Beach irrigation reservoir. 


This boat is used as a light duty dredge. It is shown with the deck, console and the railing. The railing on this boat is removable.


This is the same boat from the side. The railing system has "Di-Bond walls and 1-1/2" railing that is 30" high. 


This picture shows the anchor system that uses (2) 20' spud anchors that are raised and lowered with the winches at the top of the anchor sleeves. The motor mount is rated for 175HP.


This is a picture of our standard aluminum console that is great for work boats and boats that are outside a lot. Most of our customers are looking for ways to make a boat maintenance free.


This is one of other our work boat console and it can be built to your specifications, larger or smaller.  The deck in this  picture is aluminum plank decking.


This boat has a 1500# capacity davit mounted on the deck of the boat, with custom tool boxes that lock.


This is another view showing the aluminum tread plate deck and the tool boxes. The boat has the bow lights mounted under the deck so they do not get broken.


This is the same boat that is pictured below without the side curtains installed.
on the front of the top are search lights that are controlled from the helm.


This boat features a gantry crane that travels fore and aft as well as port to starboard.  The trollies all have brakes on them so that the load can be held in place over the moon pool.  The black pole on the side of the deck, is a spud anchor we developed.  It is able to be in a down position for moving the boat, or for trailering.

The Pilot House has an all aluminum frame with Di-Bond walls an a tread plate deck on the top with removable railing. It also has a ladder for access. 


This boat is used buy the Race Committe of the Arizona Yacht Club.  It has an aluminum plank deck, head enclosure, and hard top for sun shade.


 This boat was built to serve as a rescue / shuttle boat.Notice the ladder on the stern of the starboard pontoon


This boat was built for Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey and has a Trex plank deck, and heavy duty 1-1/2" railing with 48" double gate in the bow.

  • We start with pontoons that can handle the weight. every 5 feet there is a vertical bulk head that is solid.
  • We use cross members to fit the job. For medium jobs we use our hat channels on 16" centers, for heavy loads we use our heavy duty 2.5" tall hat channels and for jobs that require even more strength we use 3" or 4" "C" channels that are 1/4" thick.
  • We top that with quality decking, marine plywood 3/4" thick, tread plate aluminum 1/8" or 3/16" thick or aluminum plank decking.
  • We can provide railing that is 1-1/4" or heavy duty 1-1/2". We use Di-Bond wall material that is 1/8" thick instead of the .032 aluminum that other boat builders use.
  • We also provide CAD drawings of your boat for your approval.

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